Local Bakery – 112 Local Bakery Suppliers

● Our Operations Managers cover the length and breadth of the country maintaining relationships with our current supply base whilst sourcing new bakers

● They have developed excellent working relationships with Local Bakers to ensure the products meet both the customer and consumer needs

“We have been working in partnership with Enterprise Foods for a number of years on both retail and wholesale customers, we have always found the support of the field staff very good and have built good relationships with the representatives of Enterprise Foods on a national and regional level. As the desire for local suppliers continues to grow we have had many diverse conversations with them about several projects across a number of businesses – all positive.” – John Dwyer Bakery
“Coultons Bread Ltd have enjoyed a great working relationship with Enterprise Foods for around 10years. The expertise in systems and account management are second to none within Enterprise and that marriage with reciprocal trading on our skills in third party logistics and product supplies creates a working model that drives efficiency for all parties concerned. This relationship opens unique doors for us to new customers and we know through the sense of relationship that there is mutual respect within both of our businesses for each other. To sum up – we have a great working relationship.” – Coultons Bread Ltd

“We have worked with Enterprise Foods for over five years. We have an excellent working relationship with the operations team and Enterprise have supported us in everything from product development, food safety, quality control, marketing and most importantly provided us access to some of the UK’s largest catering and retail customers where our business continues to grow.” – EF Bakers

“Having supplied Food Service operations via Enterprise Foods for over fifteen years, I can confirm that as an independent local baker, Enterprise Foods have been instrumental in opening up opportunities that we would not otherwise have had the chance to supply. We see it as a partnership of mutual respect and understanding, as without each other, there would be no business for us to review.” – Luke Evans Family Bakers